Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journal Video # 10 January 21st 2009

MAF Chad 206 Dissasembly from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

This aircraft was the first project I was a part of when I came to serve at MMS nearly 6 months ago. It took more than a year and I was able to participate in the last 4 months of work.

As a reminder - This Cessna 206 aircraft came from Chad Africa and belongs to Mission Aviation Fellowship. It was seriously damaged by storm winds and was shipped to us at MMS in order to return it to flight service in Africa.

This is a video made of several pictures taken in Africa as well as at MMS. The photos start with the parked aircraft the night before the storm and finish with the completed restoration. The video is Time Lapse photography I took of the disassemble of the plane which took place over a 4 day period. I took over 11,000 individual pictures with a digital still camera (one picture every 5 seconds)and wove them into a video (30 pictures = 1 second of video).

Enjoy a glimpse into what God has blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of!


Christy said...

love the amazing...i am so proud of you...God bless you for all that you are truly one of the nicest people we have ever known...

Karen said...

Well done Paul! That is a fantastic testimony of what MMS does and to the talents God has given you!

Robert said...

Hey Paul, my name is Robert. Just wanted to say thank you for that awesome video. I volunteered with MMS when the Chad 206 first came in (actually I believe that is me power washing some parts in one of those pictures). Thank you for taking the time to capture the amazing repair. God is doing wonderful things through all of you at MMS.


Tom Houser said...

Wow! VERY COOL video...what an amazing way to show us the end of what you do.

BTW, I especially liked the ending...very nice robot impression!


Brian Pearce said...

Hey Paul. Great video! I embedded it on our church website. I hope you don't mind. Tell Bob I said,"Hey!" God bless you all!

Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce said...
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