Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunset Time Lapse

Fresno Sunset TL from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

One of the beautiful sunsets God has created! I set my camera in the grass and let it do it's thing - capturing 850 pictures over 30 minutes. I wove them together to make this time lapse video. 30 minutes of sunset in 30 seconds!

Grote Girls

Grote Girls from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

Here is a fun video I shot with my good friend Scott and his girls. We shot and edited the video on a Sunday evening a couple weeks ago.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Africa 2010 Journal Video

First Africa 2010 Journal Video from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
Here are the journal videos I shot While on my recent Rapid Response trip to Gabon, Africa. Three of us went to dissasemble a missionary airplane significantly damaged in a recent crash. We put the plane in a shipping container and it should be on a ship bound for the US. We expect the plane to arrive at MMS in a month or two. At that point we will spend approx. a year restoring the aircraft so it can serve on the African mission field once again.

I had intended to post these videos while in Africa, but as you can imagine the internet conection was poor. So here they are. Feel free to get an idea of what my time was like on this unique trip.

Around the World

Around the World from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
A glimpse at what it was like to get to Africa from Ohio.

Those Roosters!

Those Roosters! from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
If you've ever found yourself in a third world country these sounds will sound familiar.

Guard Dog!

Guard Dog! from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
  Watch out! He is a killer!

French Cats

French Cats from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
Even the cats speak French in Gabon.

Mission Complete

Mission Complete from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
The plane in the container. Job well done.

Expectant Fathers

Expectant Fathers from Paul Jones on Vimeo.
On the way back to the US we flew through Johanesberg, South Africa. This is the current home of the first missionary airplane I worked on after arriving at MMS two years ago. Take a look at my first few journal videos from 2008, and especially at the Jan. 22nd 2009 timelapse videos and you'll see this plane at MMS. The airplane is back serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in South Africa.