Monday, April 26, 2010

Potato Gun Camera Catch

Potato Gun Camera Catch from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

We had a recent "potato gun" church youth event . Several of the kids made potato guns and the whole group spent the evening launching spuds. This is the video of me catching the video camera launched from a potato gun. Watch the next video to see the potato camera aerial view!!

Helmet Cam Launched From Potato Gun!!

Helmet Cam Launched From Potato Gun!! from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

So here is the incredible footage I videoed from the most unique perspective. Watch this!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Missionary Flights International (MFI) Double Engine Removal

Missionary Flights International (MFI) DC3 Engine Removal from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

Myself and three other missionaries from MMS went up to Kidron, OH yesterday in order to remove two turboprop engines (jet engine driving propellers) from a WWII era DC3 aircraft. It took only nine hours to remove the engines. In a couple weeks, the same team will go to Florida to install these engines on the same type aircraft. That plane will be used by Missionary flights International (MFI) to serve Haiti and the Dominican Republic.