Saturday, September 27, 2008

JOURNAL VIDEO # 4 - September 27th 2008

JOURNAL VIDEO # 4 - September 27th 2008 from Paul Jones on Vimeo.

This video shows the project I am currently assigned to. This is a Super King Air 200belonging to Great Commission International. GCI uses the aircraft to travel around North America starting churches in Chinese comunities as well as mentoring and descipling Chinese speaking Christians.

This is a temporary assignment and I will return and help finish the African MAF Cessna 206 you saw me talk about in earlier videos (Journal Videos #1 and #3).


Anonymous said...

nice paul....

If something like a b200 showed up at rusty's wedding along side the tcraft and the aerostar.....I wonder what kind of individual might be a passenger.... wink wink nod nod........

Insert favorite Borat quote here.

On a serious note... great work and great video.... Keep up the great work... cheers and god bless... Gotta go to bed.. on overnight with early show.

wingnut..... (guess)

Lemme know if you ever find the US Army aircore serial number on the sensinich on the tcraft. it was on back of prop hub on the chief.


Anonymous said...

Paul - thanks for the updates and so pleased to see that you are getting excellent hands on experience!! All is well back at Carlson and the Grace Point family. Bruce and Molly

Tom said...

I love the videos, and particularly love seeing your beard grow out over the last few weeks.

Hey, if you think of it, record a video for the Kids Quest kids and I'll make sure it gets shown on a Sunday morning!

Take care and God bless!

Keith said...


Good job with the blog. I'm in the hangar everyday and your posts are STILL interesting!

Ryan Smith said...

Man do we miss you around here Paul. I just came across your site today and got caught up on the videos. Amazing stuff. Seeing you work on that stuff reminds me of your help with the EPIC room.
Hope all is going well. Would love to come down and visit sometime.